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Film Faced Plywood Quality Standard



Color difference of each face

Not allowed

Broken, Overlap and Double Film

Not allowed

Blisters and mended blisters

Not allowed

Surface Contamination

Not allowed

Scratches and Imprints of Face and Back

Not over 2%, and sand through can not allowed

Adhesive Tape Convexities

Not allowed

Frosting and Water Mark

Not allowed

Insect Holes in the Plywood

Not allowed

Thickness of each core sheet


Face and Back Wavilness



Not allowed

Film Lumping, Carbonization and Burning

Max diameter: 2 cm.
When defects are slight, unobvious, and diameter ≤1 cm, it should not more than 2 per face, slight and unobvious means defects can not be visible within 1.5 m;
When defects are 1-2 cm, it should not more than 2 for each sheet, and quantity should not over 10% in the total order.

Edge Quality


Seal Paint Contamination

Not allowed on the face and back

Dimensional Tolerances

Item Dimension Tolerance
Thickness (mm) < 9 +/- 0.30
≥ 9 +/- 0.50
Width (mm) 1220 +/- 0.50
Length (mm) 2440 +/- 1
Cross Length (mm)   ≤ 3
Cross Length Warping (mm)   ≤ 4
Length Warping (mm) For plywood with a thickness > 6, warping shall not exceed 1.0% of the length

Physical and Mechanical Properties

Item Plywood Base
Moisture Content (%) 8 - 12
Delamination Maximum separation after boiling and Stretching 25 mm.
Adhesive Strength of the Film (Mpa) ≥ 0.50


Item Plywood Base
Delamination Pass
Film Bond Strength(only for Dynea 120 g / m2 Brown film) Pass

N.B. Different specifications can be considered, core quality in accordance with commercial plywood core.  When taking samples for testing, avoid the part of overlap and Knots.

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